The oldest Subbuteo trophies in the world?


It was in season 1873-74 that the oldest trophy in world football, the Scottish Cup, was first contested. Exactly one hundred years later Glasgow Table Soccer Association was founded and the above trophies, still competed for today, were the awards given out at the end of season 1973-74. On the left is the Glasgow Cup, on the right, the Association Cup and in the middle, the League Championship Shield.


Are these the oldest Subbuteo trophies in the world today? Is Glasgow Table Soccer Association the oldest surviving club in the competitive Subbuteo world?



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  1. Sorry to upset the applecart, but the Staffordshire Table Soccer Association Cup had been continuously played for since 1969 and verified by UKSA, ETSA, FISTF etc. Purchased by Guy Smith, I have reached 23 of the 42 finals.

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