Greece loses World Cup

The FISTF Board have announced that they have decided to organise the Subbuteo World Cup, not in Greece but in another country. ┬áThe Greek association has agreed to this change. The only justification given for this decision is, the ‘huge problems in Greece nowadays’. Of course there are difficulties in Greece just now as it goes through this period of austerity. But the country wants and needs tourists. It is still a great place to visit.



FISTF have invited member associations to make bids to host this year’s event as well as that of 2014. Associations are being asked for proposed dates, therefore the 2013 World Cup need not take place on the current designated weekend of 13th/14th July. Will the STFA bid for either year? 2013 seems unlikely given the timescale and the current strength of the association. It would require input from all member clubs to create a team strong enough to successfully assist in organising the event.

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