Results 18/2/13

The temperature outside had fallen below zero but inside, in the match between Colin Day and Baver Bari, lots of heat was being generated. 2-1 down, Bari thought he had equalised but Day claimed offside. Day had flicked out a defender to leave an attacker in an offside position as Bari moved the ball into the shooting area. Was the ball moving when Bari flicked through? Did Bari take two flicks? Day protested vehemently to the referee and after a heated discussion the goal was disallowed. Also in the league Tom Burns faced Dave Butler in a game which Burns had to win if he was to retain any slim hope of taking the title. Burns did take the lead but Butler equalised on the stroke of half-time. There were no further goals. Butler, therefore, looks set to retain his title. Burns did go back to the top of the league after a 4-0 defeat of Colin Berry later in the evening but Butler lies two points behind with 3 games in hand.


In the Glasgow Cup Barry Corr edged out Zoltan Hegedus 1-0. Corr now needs only a draw against Dave Houston to reach the semi-finals. Despite beating Colin Berry 3-2, Dave Gladman is unlikely to qualify.


Hotly contested!


Title decider!




Butler 4 0 Bari
Day 2 1 Bari
Burns 1 1 Butler
Berry 0 4 Burns


Glasgow Cup


Group A

Corr 1 0 Hegedus


Group B

Berry 2 3 Gladman

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