Grand Prix: message from Tom Burns

Message from Tom Burns to Grand Prix participants


In the aftermath of the latest event in Scotland, and aftermath is probably the best word to describe it, I would like to thank all the players who took the time and effort to attend and helped make a successful event. There were very few complaints and the lack of excessive shouting would back up claims that most games were played in a very sporting manner. This also may haveĀ been attributable to the fact that the calibre of players fell into two very different groups. But overall I was very pleased with the behaviour of all present (although I have no knowledge of what went on in the hotel, your honour). My main concern was the people who came to enjoy themselves as opposed to those who only came to win or collect ranking points. So on that score I think we did ok. I think a special mention is due to both Yorkshire Phoenix and Netfa Teeside for travelling in very good numbers and getting involved in the spirit of things, SPIRIT being the operative word here. Although, to be fair, Yorkshire did enter into it more than most, just gutted I couldn’t join you. I would also like to thank the rest of the GTSA guys for their assistance with a special mention to Dave Gladman who was an absolute star in dealing with the majority of the admin work and having the results on our website almost as soon as the event was finished. I wish next year’s host every success with the event.

Tom Burns

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