World Rankings

The World Rankings for March have been released by FISTF. Most players have risen up the rankings due to participation in the Grand Prix. GTSA ‘B’ team have moved up 41 places to 80. Top Open player is Dave Butler up 34 to 121. Colin Berry rises 106 places! Barry Corr enters the rankings for the first time. Top Veteran is still Tom Burns but he remains at 57. Last month’s placings are in brackets.




Dave Butler 121 (155)
Zoltan Hegedus 215 (236)
Colin Berry 284 (390)
Ronnie McKenzie 434 (503)
Barry Corr 621 (—–)
Baver Bari 355 (423)





Tom Burns   57  (57)
Colin Day   88  (95)
Dave Gladman 150 (172)
Willie Fleming 169 (151)





GTSA ‘A’   48  (50)
GTSA ‘B’   80 (121)



Top Scottish Open player is Steve Bennett (55), top Vet is Malcolm Lees (43) and top team is Hot Club D’ Ecosse (42). Number 1 Open player is Saverio Bari (Italy). Francesco Mattiangeli (Italy) is top Vet and SC Stembert (Belgium) is the number 1 team.



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