Glasgow TSA win Plate at Edinburgh GP

The team event which took place at Easter Road on the Saturday saw Glasgow drawn with Valetta and London/Essex A. The key match was therefore against the London/Essex side. It did not help that Tom Burns and Barry Corr had to go straight into their games after their journey from Glasgow. Barry Corr, Dave Gladman and Martin Phee all scored first in their matches but all went on to lose 2-1. Tom Burns was always chasing his game against Paul Andreas and lost 3-2. It was damage limitation against Valetta, Burns losing 4-1 to Matt Lampitt, Gladman 4-0 to Jason Pisani, Corr 6-0 to Chris Thomas and Phee very heavily to Mark (please learn to flick properly) Gauci. Glasgow, therefore, were left to compete in the Plate.




The odds were in Glasgow’s favour when they played Yorkshire Phoenix B, a team with only three players, in the Plate semi-final. Tom Burns and Martin Phee recorded victories 3-1 and 2-0 to win the contest. Barry Corr, 2-1 down to Russ Harker at half-time, was replaced by Dave Gladman who couldn’t pull back the deficit and lost 4-3. Glasgow then faced Manchester TFC in the final. Wins by Tom Burns (3-1 against Danny Lilley) and Dave Gladman (5-2 against Connor Bowden) and a 0-0 draw between Barry Corr and Trevor Schott were enough to win the match. Brian Daly beat Martin Phee 9-0. Manchester will perhaps regret that their strongest player played Glasgow’s weakest. Wins for Burns and Gladman were never in doubt so the key game was between Corr and Schott. Well done to Corr for keeping a clean sheet in this tense affair.


The tournament was won by Bristol (a kind of Subbuteo super club) who defeated Valetta (a team including Gloster Gladiators Chris Thomas and Matt Lampitt) in the final.


Pictures from the day












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