Club night 18/11/13

Kenny Jones achieved his best result to date with a 1-0 win over Dave Houston in the Glasgow Cup. In truth Houston had sufficient chances to win comfortably but a combination of poor finishing and good goalkeeping kept the Jones goal intact. With only a minute remaining on the clock Jones broke swiftly down the left and shot powerfully into the Houston net. This result opened up the group and after Martin Phee defeated Jones 4-1 all three players were on three points. Colin Berry is yet to play. Also in the Glasgow Cup Tom Burns beat John Halpin but not by enough to prevent Willie Fleming winning the group on goal difference. Needing 7 goals Burns led 3-0 at half-time but could only manage two further goals after the break.


Glasgow Cup


Jones 1 0 Houston
Phee 4 1 Jones
Burns 5 0 Halpin



Burns has to defend against Halpin!



Who’s the referee?




Dave Houston fared much better in his league match against Colin Day. Houston went ahead in the first minute of the game. Day’s undefeated record in all competitions looked in serious doubt but he was able to equalise with five minutes remaining. Day had earlier defeated Tom Burns to establish himself as firm favourite to finish runner-up to Dave Butler. Dave Gladman moved into third place in the league after defeating Martin Phee 2-1. Gladman dominated the first half to lead 2-0 but Phee came back strongly in the second half to keep the outcome in doubt.


It was a somewhat disappointing turn-out of only 7 players when more had been expected. Willie Fleming and Craig Lynch had both indicated they would be coming. In the run-up to Christmas let us hope for improved attendance, particularly of those with league games to catch up.




Day 2 1 Burns
Houston 1 1 Day
Gladman 2 1 Phee

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