Cardiff Grand Prix: preview

A GTSA team of Tom Burns, Colin Day, Willie Fleming and Dave Gladman heads south this weekend to compete in the Cardiff Grand Prix at the Swalec Stadium, home of Glamorgan County Cricket Club. This will be the first time a GTSA team has competed outside of Scotland since the 2012 Amsterdam Grand Prix. On the Sunday a total of 18 teams from Wales, England, Belgium, Greece and Malta will take part. GTSA are the only Scottish entrants. On the Saturday the 4 Glasgow players will all play in the Individual Veteran category which currently has 34 entrants.


GTSA are ranked at 45 with Valletta the highest ranked team taking part at 3. Tom Burns is the eighth ranked player (45) and this will give him seeding since there are expected to be eight qualifying groups. Other rankings: Colin Day (98), Dave Gladman (128) and Willie Fleming (209). Top ranked player taking part is Antonio Montano (6).

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