Club night 6/1/14

Nine players attended the first meeting of 2014 although Dave Gladman was unfit to play, still recovering from a broken finger. Dave Butler had to work hard to overcome Dave Houston who dominated large parts of the game. The points gap at the top remained the same, however, as Tom Burns defeated Barry Corr. Colin Day remained in the hunt, winning by the narrowest of margins against Colin Berry.



GTSA enters its 41st year






Bari 0 10 Corr
Butler 2 0 Houston
Burns 3 0 Corr
Phee 1 1 Bari
Houston 2 1 Bari
Berry 1 0 Phee
Day 1 0 Berry




What do Bari and Phee have in common?


For the second time this season Barry Corr scored ten goals in one match. The unfortunate player to concede these goals was Baver Bari. Bari was later to share the points with Martin Phee, the other sufferer at the finger of Corr. Dave Houston and Colin Berry each moved a couple of places up the league after narrow victories over Bari and Phee.




Victories for Houston and Berry






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