Club night 10/2/14

Tonight saw the end of Colin Day’s impressive unbeaten league run. In his first match of the evening Day was losing 1-0 at half-time to Baver Bari. He came back in the second half to level at 1-1 and thus extend the unbeaten record to 22 games. Willie Fleming was to be Day’s undoing. Fleming won by 2 goals to nil though some controversy surrounded Fleming’s opening goal after a ball had been replaced by the referee. Fleming, however, did merit the victory. Fleming did lose to Dave Gladman, the two players battling it out for fourth place. This was Gladman’s first match using his new ‘snake’ bases and he went on to win well against Colin Berry. Both Tom Burns and Dave Butler recorded victories so there was no change involving the top two. Butler had to rely on two second half goals to overcome an improving John Halpin. Day’s single point from the evening means that he will probably have to settle for third place.


Day beats his fist in frustration




Gladman 2 1 Fleming
Berry 0 5 Burns
Fleming 2 0 Day
Butler 2 0 Halpin
Day 1 1 Bari
Berry 2 5 Gladman




Burns is clinical against Berry



Association Cup


The first Association Cup match of the season saw Baver Bari defeat John Halpin to reach the quarter-finals.


Bari 5 1 Halpin








3 Replies to “Club night 10/2/14”

  1. Congratulations to Colin on his run! And I suppose to Willie for ending it.

    If Colin wins his games in hand on Tom and I win 3 but lose 2 of my games in hand … there would be 4 points between me, Tom and Colin …! All to play for!

  2. Huge improvement from John as well – some great blocking and kept possession well. Our first game was an easy victory for me but this was a very different story!

  3. I had the same problem with john.huge improvement in a few months..just goes to show what you can do when you come every week.

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