Club night 24/2/14

With neither of the top two playing tonight, focus was on the contest for third, fourth and fifth places. Colin Day is nine points clear in third place but he suffered a set-back after losing 2-1 to Dave Gladman. Day took an early lead and had the better of the first half but Gladman managed to equalise before the interval. Gladman had much more of the ball after the break and took an early second half lead in this hotly contested encounter. Day passed up a late opportunity to equalise. With a large gap in the Gladman defence to move into, Day’s figure somehow stopped short of the ball. Willie Fleming’s hopes were also dented when he lost 1-0 to Colin Berry but he did have wins over Baver Bari and Dave Houston despite not playing at his best. Ten points behind but with four games in hand, Gladman looks best placed to catch Day. Three of these games, however, are against Fleming, Dave Butler and Ronnie McKenzie. Colin Berry, after his fine display against Willie Fleming, was disappointed to lose heavily to Bari. Bari, still signed with Hot Club, has improved much since playing in the Glasgow League.


Gladman 2 1 Day
Fleming 2 1 Bari
Berry 1 0 Fleming
Houston 0 2 Fleming
Bari 4 1 Berry



Association Cup


One first round match took place with Dave Houston progressing to the quarter final at the expense of Martin Phee. Houston led 2-0 at half-time his second goal being a superb acute angled drive. Phee’s defensive figure seemed to have the shot covered but Houston was able to meet the ball cleanly and, much to Phee’s surprise and chagrin, shoot into the far corner of the net. Phee scored early in the second half to get back into the game and late on missed a glorious opportunity to level. Houston’s spare goalkeeper had missed the ball and Phee, with an open goal gaping, somehow contrived to shoot wide.


Houston 2 1 Phee





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