Club night 7/4/14

Dave Butler came within four minutes of losing his league title tonight. In a crucial match against Dave Gladman, Butler dominated the first half but could not find the net. Straight from the start of the second half Gladman took the lead scoring on the run thus denying Butler the chance to block. Butler continued to press with Gladman trying to hold possession when he had the opportunity. With time running out and tension mounting, Butler’s breakthrough finally came. Butler now has two games remaining against Dave Houston and Craig Lynch. There is now no margin for error. He must win them both. Also in the league Colin Berry moved up two places in the league after a win over John Halpin.


Butler 1 1 Gladman
Berry 2 0 Halpin





Woodend Handicap Cup


Dave Butler and Dave Gladman met again this time in the Handicap Cup. Gladman therefore started with the benefit of a 2 goal lead. Gladman flicked off and held the ball for the first three or four minutes. Keeping possession was to be the Gladman tactic throughout this match. It was a similar pattern to their encounter earlier in the evening with Butler pressing the Gladman goal. Good defensive work by Gladman limited Butler’s opportunities but with six minutes remaining Butler had an excellent chance from a central position. The shot, however, was well saved. Then, following a free-kick just outside the shooting area Butler at last broke the deadlock. With only a minute left Gladman flicked off and ran down the clock.


Gladman 2 1 Butler


Association Cup


The first semi-final of this cup was between Tom Burns and Willie Fleming. Unfortunately the match was abandoned with only four minutes remaining. With Fleming leading 2-0 and almost certainly heading for the final an altercation took place between Fleming and the referee (Martin Phee) at which point Fleming withdrew his players from the pitch. The outcome of the match is yet to be decided.







3 Replies to “Club night 7/4/14”

  1. I don’t mind the usual banter during a game, from your opponent and referee, but when the referee insults you personally, by calling you a w**ker he overstepps the mark. The least I deserve is an apology …….

  2. Will certainly need to be debated Willie.

    As regards my matches with Dave G, two epic encounters, fiercely competed! Took blood, sweat and tears to keep my title dreams alive, this league will be decided by some pretty slim margins whichever way it goes. Would prefer easier games than Gladman/Lynch/Houston for the run-in, that’s for sure.

  3. Willie, you’re absolutely correct – you certainly do deserve an apology. Please rest assured it’s my intention to apologise next time we meet. Regards Martin

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