Club night 28/4/14

Only two league matches were played, both involving Ronnie McKenzie and both ending in draws. Baver Bari and Dave Gladman were the players with whom he shared the points.


Bari 1 1 McKenzie
McKenzie 0 0 Gladman



Two matches were played in the Woodend Handicap Cup. McKenzie pulled back a 3-goal deficit to draw with John Halpin. Colin Day started two goals behind Colin Berry but could only manage one goal. Berry joins Gladman in the semi-finals.


Woodend Handicap Cup First Round


Halpin 3 3 McKenzie



Woodend Handicap Cup Quarter Final


Berry 2 1 Day



Two Glasgow Cup replays were played. In the Quarter-Final, Willie Fleming edged out Colin Berry. Fleming will play Dave Butler in the Semi-Final. In the other Semi-Final, Tom Burns beat Colin Day.


Glasgow Cup Quater-Final


Fleming 1 0 Berry



Glasgow Cup Semi-Final


Day 1 2 Burns










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