Club night 3/11/14

It was Dave Houston’s first night of the new season. Not starting until November…tut, tut! He kicked off with two victories and scorelines which have come to be associated with the club’s founder member…1-0 and…..1-0. Baver Bari and Colin Berry were the victims.



Houston puts up a barrier to Bari


Colin Berry was to suffer defeat again at the hands of Colin Day who now hopes that his campaign is back on track. Day scored early but it was two quick goals in the second half which killed the game. Berry scored a consolation goal in the final minute.



Day showing that he’s still got it


Willie Fleming and Dave Gladman are, according to Barry Corr, the Jack and Victor of GTSA. And they can still produce a good game of Subbuteo. There is no truth in the rumour that referee Corr fell asleep as Fleming and Gladman played out a 0-0 draw. Each player had the better of one half but neither could find a way to the back of the net.



Fleming tries to get distance whilst asking for ‘no flicks’


Barry Corr had earlier played Martin Phee. The match was poised at 0-0 at half time but three quick goals by Corr after the break led to Phee abandoning his goalkeeper and defence to allow Corr to score another 10 goals.



Corr 12 0 Phee
Gladman 0 0 Fleming
Houston 1 0 Bari
Houston 1 0 Berry
Berry 1 3 Day







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  1. Did I miss all the two are nothing like jack and victor.have you seen them sprint to the bar.dave h sticking to his usual scoreline

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