Club night 24/11/14

Only 5 players attended and 4 matches were played. Baver Bari, now officially a GTSA player, recorded his first league victory of the season and it was at Dave Gladman’s expense. After a goal-less first half Gladman scored straight from the kick off. As Gladman pressed for a second goal to kill the game he left defensive gaps which Bari was able to exploit, first to equalise and then to score the winner. It was a jubilant Bari who greeted the final whistle. But in his next match Bari lost out by the odd goal in a 5-goal thriller against Ronnie McKenzie. Twice McKenzie went ahead only to be pegged back. But Bari couldn’t pull it back a third time and lost a game which could have gone either way.



In a round robin of matches McKenzie and Gladman also faced each other. In a game of two halves, Gladman raced to a 2-0 half-time lead. McKenzie had several opportunities after the break but only managed a breakthrough in the final minute. Earlier Colin Day had edged out Dave Houston by breaking the deadlock less than two minutes from the end. Day had dominated the match but good defensive work by Houston limited the Day chances. Houston was fielding a team which he had just bought from e-bay and a couple of his figures appeared not to be fully formed. Afterwards Day claimed that he had played with only 10 men. Surely with the amount of experience behind them Day, Houston or referee Gladman would have spotted this?


Day 1 0 Houston
Bari 2 1 Gladman
Gladman 2 1 McKenzie R
McKenzie R 3 2 Bari



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  1. Day didn’t notice that he only had 9 outfield players and Gladman & Houston were very quiet. However still a great game as usual against a great player.

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