Club night 8/12/14

Burns loses unbeaten record


Barry Corr has given notice that he is a real contender for the league title this season after recording two significant wins tonight. First he inflicted on Tom Burns a first defeat in the campaign. There was only one goal scored in the game. It is true that Burns had more opportunities to score but the fact is he failed to find the net whereas Corr did. Colin Day has had a mixed start to the season but it has looked recently that consistency was returning. So it seemed to be when Day took the lead against Barry Corr. Day then missed further chances to take a 2-goal lead which would surely have secured the points. It was Corr, however, who equalised before half-time and then went on to score a second-half winner after Day overshot a simple block flick. Was Corr fortunate to pick up 6 points? Probably, but it would be too much to say he didn’t deserve them.


Where’s the ball?


Tom Burns did stretch his lead at the top of the table after beating Dave Houston 2-0, both goals coming in the first half. Houston’s plan of trying to frustrate Burns was quickly extinguished after he conceded straight from the kick off.


Houston kicks off for the second time in a minute


Houston did get another point on the board after a 1-1 draw against the improving John Halpin. Halpin led at half-time but was pulled level in the second period.


Halpin holds Houston


Baver Bari had only managed two points in the league up until two weeks ago. Now he has managed two wins in a row, this time scoring the only goal of the game against John Halpin.



Bari edges out Halpin


Burns 0 1 Corr
Corr 2 1 Day
Houston 1 1 Halpin
Halpin 0 1 Bari
Houston 0 2 Burns








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  1. a great night for barry,if is head is right and he completes the campaign he is a very serious contender,a bit disappointed not to get something out the game.

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