Club night 22/12/14

Play was displaced into the main bar area because of the bar staff’s Christmas party. The first games of this season’s Glasgow Cup were played and the four matches produced an astonishing 23 goals! Two games were played in each group. John Halpin and Colin Berry drew 4-4. Halpin had a golden chance to seal victory right at the end. Berry’s goalkeeper had given away possession but Halpin, with the goal gaping, could only hit the post. Tom Burns and Colin Day shared 6 goals equally. Twice Day went two goals ahead at 2-0 and 3-1 but Burns pulled it back to 3-2 just before half-time. The second half had just started and Burns was level. Day had lost out to Burns in their earlier league match again after having a two goal lead but this time neither player was able to find a winner, both perhaps being a little more cautious than in the first half.






In the other group Ronnie McKenzie played two matches. First up was Baver Bari. McKenzie scored first and led until three minutes from the end. Bari’s equaliser drew the attention of the whole bar as we saw and heard a fine demonstration of the Bari goal celebration. But it was McKenzie who then took advantage of Bari’s lack of concentration to score and take the three points. McKenzie was quick off the mark in his next match against Dave Gladman, scoring after 2 minutes. But Gladman equalised only a minute later and he went on to show some clinical finishing in a 5-1 victory.




Glasgow Cup


Group A


Burns 3 3 Day
Halpin 4 4 Berry


Group B


Bari 1 2 McKenzie R
Gladman 5 1 McKenzie R



In the league Tom Burns took an early lead against Dave Gladman who had given the ball away at the kick off. Gladman hit back straight from his second kick off but it was Burns who scored twice to take a 3-1 half-time lead. Gladman held possession for most of the second half but could not find a goal, allowing Burns to stretch his lead at the top of the table.





Fraser McKenzie continues his improvement and he collected his first points of the season by drawing with both Colin Berry and John Halpin. McKenzie found it tougher against Baver Bari although he was only a goal down at half-time. This was Bari’s fourth league win in succession and he moves further up the league.









Burns 3 1 Gladman
McKenzie F 2 2 Berry
Halpin 0 0 McKenzie F
McKenzie F 0 4 Bari


Finally, on behalf of GTSA, John Halpin wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!










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  1. the new recruits have added greatly to the club,Fraser is improving rapidly and in the space of a year John is now a scotland international.well done guys,heres to a great 2015.roll on belgium.

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