Club night 21/9/15

Malcolm Lees took over at the top of the league tonight after two victories over Baver Bari and Fraser McKenzie.

Lees 3 0 F McKenzie

Although Lees ran out a comfortable winner, McKenzie made him work hard for his victory. It took Lees most of the first half to make a breakthrough but McKenzie had a number of chances to equalise. However a combination of good goalkeeping from both players kept the score at 1-0 to midway through the second half. There was almost a serious injury to McKenzie when he caught the corner of the park when rushing round the table to take a shot which caused a Force 10 earthquake to hit the park………… McKenzie can be proud of his efforts but Lees looks like a serious title contender.


Dave Butler was surprisingly held to a 0-0 draw by John Halpin. Halpin’s tournament experience over the last year is starting to show in his results.


Lees 6 0 Bari
Berry 1 1 R McKenzie
Corr 3 1 Bari
Butler 0 0 Halpin






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