Club night 1/5/17

With a lot at stake, the top of the league clash between Tom Burns and Malcolm Lees was a slightly nervous display. A few uncharacteristic mistakes were in evidence but as the game settled down both players started to create a few chances. The Lees keeper had to produce a couple of saves and Burns had to scoop the ball off his own goal-line. Eventually, just before halftime the deadlock was broken when Burns scored with a deflected shot. Only one minute into the second half Lees was level, again with a deflected goal. But another minute later Burns restored his lead, for the third time a deflected goal. That was the end of the scoring. Burns is now very strong favourite to take the title. He has one game remaining, albeit a difficult one agaainst Barry Corr. A draw will suffice. Lees must hope Burns loses to Corr whilst he wins his remaining two matches with a combined margin of 6 goals.


John Mathieson and Ronnie McKenzie played their first round Association Cup match. Mathieson had a fair amount of possession in this game but much of it in his own half. It was McKenzie, however, who created the chances and converted three of them. Mathieson is still lacking experience but he has become much more competitive during the course of the season. He will hope that that progression continues next season.


Burns 2 1 Lees


Association Cup

Mathieson 0 3 R McKenzie





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