Results 28/1/13

Dave Butler played two matches in the Glasgow Cup which allowed Tom Burns to go back to the top of the league with his 4-1 victory over Barry Corr. Burns and Butler both have 34 points and the same goal difference but Burns leads by virtue of having scored more goals. Also in the league Dave Gladman recorded his fifth successive victory with a 3-0 win over Baver Bari. Colin Berry moved up 2 places after beating Zoltan Hegedus. Butler won his two Glasgow Cup matches and looks likely to qualify along with Willie Fleming. In the other group Corr beat Colin Day so it looks likely there will be a close fight for second place after Burns.




Bari         0  1  Fleming


Burns      4  1  Corr


Gladman  3  0  Bari


Berry       3  1  Hegedus


Glasgow Cup


Group A


Corr        4  2  Day


Group B


Butler      3  0  Fleming


Butler      6  0  Berry

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