Club night 14/10/13

Tom Burns’ title hopes received a severe blow tonight when he went down 2-1 to Barry Corr. But it was a game which Burns should never have lost. In the first half he peppered the Corr goal with numerous shots. Even with an open goal gaping, Burns contrived to hit Corr’s goalkeeping rod, the ball spinning for a corner. Burns continued to dominate in the second half but Corr scored with his first shot of the game. It was an acute angled shot from the attacker’s right hand touch-line. Burns’ keeper should have done better and it was reminiscent of a goal Burns conceded to Willie Fleming a couple of weeks ago. ┬áBurns equalised only to concede the winner a short time later. Corr had three shots in total but two goals scored! Corr didn’t have the same fortune against Dave Gladman. Corr dominated but had to settle for a 1-1 draw. Gladman did, however, gift Corr his goal, letting a trundling effort into the net. This was one of several defensive errors made by Gladman but Corr was unable to capitalise on the others.



Corr, about to try a flick without looking


Dave Houston moved eight places up the league after three wins against Kenny Jones, John Halpin and Martin Phee against whom he had to come from behind to win 2-1. Phee led 1-0 at half-time after scoring with a spectacular long-range effort.



Phee complains that Houston is ‘too well dressed to play Subbuteo’


The pressure is now on Burns to defeat Dave Butler in both their matches and still hope that Butler drops points elsewhere. Perhaps Colin Day is now the player with the best chance of taking the crown from the reigning champion.

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  1. Don’t write off Tom Burns, for anyone to take Dave Butler’s crown, players in top 8 need to start taking points off Dave Butler as you can’t rely on just 1 player to beat him.

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