Cardiff Grand Prix: Individual Event

On the Saturday all four Glasgow players qualified out of their groups. Tom Burns justified his seeding by winning his group with three victories over difficult opponents including Dave Samuel (Cardiff) and Colin Fletcher (NETFA). Colin Day’s group had been reduced to three. In his first match Colin Day led Steve Austin of Valletta Lions 1-0 at half-time but a second half fightback by the Maltese saw Day lose 2-1. To qualify Day had to beat Brett Price of Kent Invicta and this he duly did by 1-0. Dave Gladman started with a 3-1 victory over Terry Arnold (Kent Invicta) and then drew 1-1 with Tony McCann (Yorkshire). Antonio Montano of Spain (ranked 6) had already beaten Arnold (12-0) and McCann (9-2) but Gladman could only manage an 8-0 defeat. Arnold and McCann drew 1-1 and so Gladman qualified with 4 points to McCann’s 2. Willie Fleming lost 6-0 to Charlie Aquilina (Valletta Lions) ranked 50. This was followed by victories over Tim Bowen and Darren Barnes (Cardiff).


Gladman 3 1 Arnold
Gladman 1 1 McCann
Gladman 0 8 Montano
Day 1 2 Austin
Day 1 0 Price
Burns 3 2 Fletcher
Burns 2 1 Samuel
Burns 4 0 McCormick
Fleming 0 6 Aquilina
Fleming 6 0 Bowen
Fleming 4 2 Barnes




In the last 16 Burns and Gladman were drawn together. The result could have gone either way with both players having opportunities to score. Burns, however, was able to convert one of his chances and Gladman, despite dominating possession, could not find an equaliser. Colin Day was drawn with Philippe Hipfinger (Brussels) and lost 3-0. Day complained about his flicking being obstructed by his opponent but received no support from the referee. Willie Fleming should have played Joe Mifsud but, for reasons described elsewhere, was prevented from doing so.


Burns 1 0 Gladman
Day 0 3 Hipfinger
Fleming Mifsud


In the quarter final Burns played Joe Mifsud (Valletta Lions) ranked 9. Mifsud won by 6-0. With over 30 players taking part this was a good performance by the Glasgow players, all qualifying out of their groups and Tom Burns reaching the quarter finals.


Burns 0 6 Mifsud


The Veteran category was won by Laurent Coucke (Brussels) who beat Jason Pisani (Valletta) 1-0 in the final. The Open category was won by Kasper Bennett (Bristol) who defeated Angelo Borg (Roma) in the final.




Laurent Coucke defeats Jason Pisani




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