Club night 13/1/14

Nine players attended with eight matches being played. Colin Day maintained his unbeaten record, coming from behind to draw with Dave Butler. It was a game which Day really had to win if he was to have any chance of winning the championship so Butler will be quite happy with the draw. Tom Burns will also count himself out after dropping two more points, this time against Ronnie McKenzie. Burns also had to struggle against John Halpin. A goal down at half-time, Burns came back to win 3-2. This result is an indication of the improvement Halpin is making and he was delighted with his performance.



Day maintains his unbeaten record



Willie Fleming, after an indifferent start to the season, has moved up to fifth in the league. He now has his sights on Dave Gladman with the two players still to play twice. Gladman is struggling to find his touch after breaking a finger. In his comeback game he lost 4-0 to McKenzie. Gladman was fortunate at 0-1 to still be in the game at half-time but succumbed to a measured McKenzie in the second half.




Referee Burns explains the rules


Martin Phee moved three places up the league after defeating Kenny Jones but Phee, along with Burns has now played 23 games.


McKenzie 4 0 Gladman
Jones 0 4 Fleming
Phee 2 0 Jones
Butler 1 1 Day
Burns 3 2 Halpin
Fleming 2 0 McKenzie
Jones 0 6 Butler
McKenzie 0 0 Burns




Phee gets the better of Jones




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