Club night 17/2/14

Dave Butler moved to within three points of Tom Burns after winning potentially difficult matches against Andrea Andreoni and Ronnie McKenzie. Colin Day consolidated third position also with a win over McKenzie. Dave Gladman moved above Willie Fleming after edging out Baver Bari in a very close encounter. Andreoni went on to gather six points with single goal victories over John Halpin and Martin Phee. Halpin has become increasingly competitive in the last few weeks and has been unlucky not to increase his points total. Phee, with a little bit more composure, could have achieved a better result against the Italian.





Gladman 2 1 Bari
Butler 2 0 Andreoni
Day 2 0 McKenzie
Halpin 1 2 Andreoni
McKenzie 2 3 Butler
Andreoni 1 0 Phee




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Two cup matches also took place. In the Glasgow Cup, the first match in Group 4 saw Ronnie McKenzie beat Baver Bari 3-1. Barry Corr is yet to play. In the Association Cup Butler and Gladman will have to play again. After a goal-less first half Butler scored first but could only hold his lead for two minutes, a poor block flick giving Gladman the space to score.


Glasgow Cup


McKenzie 3 1 Bari



Association Cup


Butler 1 1 Gladman



Who’s James McFadden?


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