World Rankings

The latest issue of the world rankings was released at the end of February. Tom Burns has lost his position as top Scottish Veteran to Malcolm Lees. This was due to Burns’ decision to play in the Open category rather than the Vet at the Glasgow IO. This was in order to balance numbers in the two categories. Also in the Veteran category Colin Day and Dave Gladman have moved up, Gladman by 13 places. John Halpin enters the ranking at 313.


Due to lack of participation Dave Butler continues to slip down the Open rankings. Biggest mover is Barry Corr up 145 places to 303. Baver Bari and Colin Berry have both jumped 67 places, to 243 and 304 respectively.


Glasgow A, due to their poor performance in the Glasgow IO, remain at 42, four places adrift of Hot Club. Glasgow B, on the other hand move up 23 places to 72.


Feb Jan
Zoltan Hegedus 161 165
Dave Butler 186 184
Baver Bari 243 310
Barry Corr 303 448
Colin Berry 304 371
Craig Lynch 328 336
Ronnie McKenzie 486 494
Tom Burns 41 40
Colin Day 83 89
Dave Gladman 86 99
Willie Fleming 148 148
Andrea Andreoni 263
John Halpin 313
Glasgow A 42 42
Glasgow B 72 95







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