Club night 14/4/14

Only one competitive match was played this evening – the Glasgow Cup semi-final between Tom Burns and Colin Day. Day started the match well and was on the front foot for the first two or three minutes. Then Burns took over and completely dominated the first half but when the whistle sounded for half-time he had only one goal to show for this domination. That goal resulted from Day’s spare goalkeeper giving away possession. After Burns went ahead by two goals in the second half, few would have anticipated the comeback that was to come. Both Day’s second half goals came after poor defensive flicks by his opponent created openings which Day ruthlessly exploited. Burns, however, really should have put this game to bed. With this thought at the back of his mind, will Burns performance be affected in the replay?


Burns 2 2 Day



Six players took part in a four round Swiss system competition. This was won by Baver Bari with wins over Martin Phee and John Halpin and draws with Dave Gladman and Colin Day. Tom Burns was runner-up.




A ruling was also passed on the abandoned Association Cup semi-final between Tom Burns and Willie Fleming. The match will be replayed from half-time with Fleming ahead by one goal.

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