Club Night 20/10/14

Due to a hockey committee meeting in the Snug, GTSA were displaced to the main bar area. Playing conditions were made intolerable due to increased sound levels after the influx of hockey players added to tennis, bowling and bridge players already present. Even the familiar shouts of Baver Bari were lost in the sea of noise created.


Not everyone is inspired by the noise of the crowd


The difference between success and failure can be very small indeed and for Colin Day what could have been a very successful evening turned out to be anything but. He raced to a two goal lead against Tom Burns only to concede two goals a minute either side of half-time. The first was a penalty when a Burns’ shot hit Day’s hand inside the box. It was Burns who went on to score the winner in the second half. Then Day faced Dave Gladman and with the two players locked at 1-1 both had chances to go ahead but it was Gladman who scored after an error by Day in trying to force a throw.



Day cannot believe a penalty has been awarded against him


Gladman completed a good night with a 1-0 victory over Martin Phee in a very closely contested match. Phee also competed well against Tom Burns with Burns leading 1-0 at half time. As Phee pushed men forward, however, Burns was able to exploit the space created and run out 5-1 winner. This keeps Burns top of the league, 3 points clear of Butler who has a game in hand.



Burns finds gaps in the Phee defence


Meanwhile Dave Butler kept pace with Tom Burns with 2 wins of his own. But he had to work hard for both with a 1-0 win over Willie Fleming and a 2-0 win over Baver Bari. Fleming claimed a penalty kick near the end but the referee saw nothing untoward. Fleming and Bari had previously played each other but neither could manage a goal.



Bari always gives Butler a tough match



Gladman 1 0 Phee
Fleming 0 0 Bari
Bari 0 2 Butler
Day 2 3 Burns
Fleming 0 1 Butler
Day 1 2 Gladman
Phee 1 5 Burns







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  1. i don’t think I will have a tougher game all season.definitely used up my get out jail free card.always find colin tough to beat but got lucky last night.

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