Club Night 17/11/14

Willie Fleming returned to action with a 2-0 win over Dave Houston. With an early goal Fleming was able to dictate play and, in the end, it was a comfortable win. It was a step up in Fleming’s next match when he played Tom Burns. Burns was never under real threat and was thus able to extend his lead at the top of the league. Once again it looks as if the league title will be fought out between Burns and Dave Butler, unfortunately absent tonight. Could Burns’ national and international commitment make the difference this season?




Dave Houston added to his points tally after a 0-0 draw with Dave Gladman. In a match littered with mistakes neither player could say that they deserved victory. Gladman could only manage a draw in his subsequent match with Colin Berry. Although Gladman had more chances to score he was never in control of the match. Indeed his goalkeeper had to produce a fine save in the dying moments to deny Berry all three points. It was also a night of two draws for Berry, his derby game with Ronnie McKenzie ending 1-1.




McKenzie finished the evening undefeated following a 2-0 victory over John Halpin and a goal-less draw against Colin Day.


Fleming 2 0 Houston
Houston 0 0 Gladman
McKenzie R 2 0 Halpin
Burns 2 0 Fleming
Berry 1 1 McKenzie R
Day 0 0 McKenzie R
Gladman 1 1 Berry







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  1. With Isaac starting school and working two evenings a week (night class), it’s proving a struggle to get in. I think I will aim for 1 – 2 Mondays a month but come in for most of the night. See you all soon hopefully!

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