Club night 8/6/15

Tom Burns tonight lost his opportunity to take the league title away from Dave Butler. A draw would have been enough for Burns but a poor first half performance allowed Butler to take control. Burns improved in the second half but there was no doubt that Butler deserved his victory. The title race is not over yet as Butler must win all his remaining 3 matches. Baver Bari came from behind to defeat Ronnie McKenzie in an exciting match. McKenzie later had victory in a derby match against Colin Berry who had earlier progressed in the Association Cup by beating John Halpin.

We were very close to a major upset in the Association Cup with Fraser McKenzie going 2 goals up against Colin Day. Day, however, managed to claw his way back into the match and earn a replay.


Bari 3 2 McKenzie R
Butler 4 0 McKenzie F
Berry 1 2 McKenzie R
Burns 0 3 Butler

Association Cup

Berry 2 1 Halpin
Day 2 2 McKenzie F





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