Club night 29/6/15

Six games were played this evening, all from either the Association Cup or the Woodend Handicap Cup. In the Association Cup both semi-finals took place. In the first Dave Gladman took on Colin Berry. Gladman led 1-0 at half-time and really should have made the result beyond doubt. As the game wore on Gladman became more nervous and careless in possession and with only two minutes remaining Berry found space through the middle and scored the equaliser which took the match to a replay. There was no rest for the players, however, as they immediately kicked off in that replay. This time Gladman was more convincing and ran out 3-0 winner.

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In the final he will face Tom Burns, victor over Colin Day in the other semi. Burns played a really good match in the first half and took a two-goal lead. It was a better performance by Day after the break but he could only claw back one goal.

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In the Woodend Handicap Cup quarter-final Ronnie McKenzie faced Baver Bari with a two-goal deficit. McKenzie managed a first-half goal to narrow that deficit but Bari held out to secure a semi-final place against either Colin Berry or Fraser McKenzie. McKenzie started with a two-goal lead but a goal in each half earned Berry a replay. The opportunities were there for McKenzie to win the match but he was a little too hurried and careless at times.

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Whoever wins the semi-final will play John Halpin in the final. Halpin had a fine semi-final victory over Tom Burns. Halpin’s handicap was fixed earlier in the season at +3 and it’s a measure of his improvement that this seems pretty generous. Had Burns been able to convert one of his excellent first half chances it might have been a different story. But each time he hit woodwork. Halpin grew in confidence, maintaining good possession and running out a comfortable winner. He’ll be hard to beat in the final.

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Association Cup Semi-Finals

Burns 2 1 Day
Gladman 1 1 Berry


Berry 0 3 Gladman


Woodend Handicap Cup


Bari 2 1 R McKenzie
Berry 2 2 F McKenzie


Halpin 3 0 Burns


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