Glasgow IO Individual Plate

Nineteen players contested the Plate over 5 rounds. The competition winner was Richard Badger of Wolves who defeated Glasgow’s Baver Bari in the final.

Final: Bari v Badger
Round 1
Jeremy Boothman01Nick Pearson
Baver Bari11Brian SpoorsBari shots
Kevin Cordell20Gary Stewart
Last 16
Nick Pearson01Gage Badger
Baver Bari31Martin Campbell
Kevin Cordell20Danny Lilley
Lucasz Whittle03Malcolm Lees
Cayne Matthews12John Halpin
Joe Harrington30Finn Skinner
Richard Badger40Brendan Ashley
Shaun Dunne21Ruby Matthews
Last 8
Gage Badger14Baver Bari
Kevin Cordell21Malcolm Lees
John Halpin32Joe Harrington
Richard Badger40Shaun Dunne
Last 4
Baver Bari31Kevin Cordell
John Halpin23Richard Badger
Baver Bari05Richard Badger
Cayne Matthews v John Halpin
Baver Bari v Brian Spoors
Kevin Cordell v Malcolm Lees
Jeremy Boothman v Nick Pearson

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