STFA Team Championship 2012

The inaugural STFA Team Championship took place at Telford College, Edinburgh on Sunday 18th November. The competition, contested by six teams, was won by ‘Tayside Artists’ (Greg Dand, Gareth Christie and Steve Bennett). ‘Glasgow Aristocrats’ (Colin Day, Tom Burns and Dave Butler) were 3rd and ‘Glasgow Pirates’ (Barry Corr, Willie Fleming and Dave Gladman) finished 4th.

Did ‘Glasgow Aristocrats’ make a tactical error which cost them runner-up spot? Against ‘Hot Club Suddenly Deadlies’ they chose to play in-form Dave Butler against Dave Allen, probably the Edinburgh team’s weakest player. Surely it would have been better to pit Dave B against Malcolm Lees or Mike Burns, giving Tom Burns a good chance against Dave Allen?

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  1. Worth reviewing our strategy in that match Dave, you’re right! Maybe Tom v Dave Allen would have been better? But none of the 3 games was easy!

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