Results 11/3/13

Despite the club night following straight after the Grand Prix there was a good turn-out of 10 players. The club welcomed back Martin Phee after a gap of three years. Martin was one of the original members from 1973. It was Martin’s first meeting with Dave Houston since that time! Houston moved three places up the table after a draw with Colin Day and a win over Colin Berry. Dave Gladman had 2-1 wins against Berry and Baver Bari. Gladman has now had seven successive league victories. He only managed three points in his first ten games.


Gladman 2 1 Bari
Houston 0 0 Day
Berry 1 2 Gladman
Houston 2 0 Berry


Handicap Cup


Each player was allocated a handicap and the first round draw was made.




Butler 0
Burns 1
Fleming 2
Day 2
Gladman 3
Houston 3
Hegedus 3
Berry 3
Corr 3
McKenzie 3
Bari 4
Phee 8
Jones 9


Corr v Burns
Fleming v McKenzie
Houston v Gladman
Hegedus v Day
Phee v Bari



Byes: Berry, Butler and Jones



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