Club night 16/12/13

Only Dave Butler, Barry Corr and Craig Lynch were absent although Dave Gladman was unable to play after breaking the ring finger on his left hand. Eleven league and one Glasgow Cup games were played. There was a lot of shuffling of mid-table places with Ronnie McKenzie moving up four places and Baver Bari and Willie Fleming moving up three. Tom Burns extended his lead at the top while Colin Day lost two valuable points to Andrea Andreoni.



Busy evening




Halpin 0 3 Andreoni
Fleming 0 0 Houston
Jones 0 6 Bari
Fleming 2 1 Bari
McKenzie 2 0 Phee
Andreoni 0 2 Burns
McKenzie 3 0 Jones
Andreoni 0 0 Day
Bari 3 1 Berry
Fleming 1 0 McKenzie
Houston 2 0 Phee



Day loses crucial points


Glasgow Cup


One game was played in Group A. Dave Houston qualified for the quarter-finals with a 3-1 victory over Colin Berry. Berry needs a draw against Kenny Jones to qualify. Jones needs to win. Martin Phee is out.


Houston 3 1 Berry



Houston on his way to quarter-finals







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