Club night 17/3/14

Tonight was definitely the Craig Lynch show as all four competitive matches involved the Hot Club player. Results for Lynch improved with each match. His opening game saw defeat to Tom Burns who was made to work for his victory. Next was a narrow loss to Willie Fleming who now looks as if he will pip Colin Day for third place. No goals were scored when Lynch faced Martin Phee who became the first player to complete his league matches. It has been a season of improvement for Phee who will surely see the benefits of weekly involvement next year. Victory for Lynch in his final game against Dave Gladman moved him two places up the league with the prospect of climbing higher before the season is over. The only goal of the game was fit to win any match. Once again Gladman was unable to convert opportunities into goals. Lynch was able to win despite one of his figures being crushed underfoot by referee Martin Phee. There is no doubt, however, that Lynch, together with fellow Hot Club player, Baver Bari, have developed as players through participation in the Glasgow league.



Lynch 1 3 Burns
Fleming 1 0 Lynch
Lynch 0 0 Phee
Gladman 0 1 Lynch






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  1. a good accurate summing up Dave,i had to work hard to get the ball off a couple of pics for new shirts if anyone is interested

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