Club night 24/3/14

In the only league match played tonight John Halpin gained his second point of the season with a goal-less draw against Dave Houston. Halpin was delighted with the result but for Houston, scoring goals remains a problem. His defensive record is quite good but his scoring rate is only one goal per game.


Halpin 0 0 Houston



Halpin gains a point


Ties were played in three different cup competitions. Baver Bari was unfortunate to lose two quarter-final matches. In the Association Cup he went down to Willie Fleming. Bari scored straight from the kick-off but Fleming soon established control and won comfortably in the end. Bari was more unlucky in his Glasgow Cup quarter-final against Colin Day. The Motherwell man’s play surely deserved a replay but Day clinched the match with a second goal in the last few seconds. Dave Houston and Willie Fleming will have to play again in the Woodend Handicap Cup after Fleming overcame his single goal handicap to earn the replay. Houston, however, fared worse in his Association Cup quarter-final losing badly to Tom Burns.


Association Cup Quarter Finals


Houston 0 4 Burns
Bari 1 3 Fleming


Glasgow Cup Quarter Final


Day 2 0 Bari


Woodend Handicap Cup Round 1


Houston 1 1 Fleming




Day reaches semi-finals of Glasgow Cup




Houston fails to score after 90 minutes of subbuteo


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