Club Night 25/11/19

Eight players attended on an evening when Dave Gladman maintained his position as league leader. Tonight he was held to a goal-less draw by a determined John Mathieson. Gladman did have more possession and did have the best of the chances but he could not break the deadlock. Mathieson always carried a threat and could easily have taken all three points. Mathieson also had a good scoring draw against Willie Fleming. Fleming started well and soon took the lead. Thereafter, however, his play was error strewn and it was no surprise when Mathieson equalised with a quick thrust through the middle of the Fleming defence. From there on in neither player was able to produce the quality to take all three points. Fleming thought he had equalised at the death but he failed to notice one of his figures on the touchline in an offside position.

The club were delighted to welcome the return, after a five year absence, of Dave Butler. It seemed that he had lost none of his skills as he used his trademark quick short passing moves to race to a 3-0 lead against Baver Bari. But Bari scored each side of half-time to get himself right back into the game. Butler, however, did not panic, got back in control of the game and added a fourth.

It was also a debut night for new member Ryan McPhail. It will be a steep learning curve for McPhail but he did manage to get a first point on the board. That was against Brian Spoors and the 1-1 draw was also a a first point for Spoors. McPhail also managed respectable scores against the very much more experienced Willie Fleming and Baver Bari. The win for Bari put him up into second place.


The league table can be viewed here.