Club Night 18/11/19

Sadly only one league match took place tonight. It was, however, a top of the table clash between Tom Burns and Dave Gladman. Both players came into the match with four wins and no points lost. Burns had most of the first half but apart from when he hit a post did not have really open chances. About 10 minutes in, as figures were pulled about the pitch, large gaps appeared in both defences. It was Gladman who was able to exploit the gap and he fired home from a central area.

Burns’ attacking line-up for the second half kick-off made clear his intentions. But such a strategy always carries the risk of weakening the defence. Gladman was able to break away down the left and loft in a second goal. Burns powered forward and the game was now being played in the Gladman area as Burns forced corners and throw-ins. Clear cut chances were now coming for Burns and at last he scored with five minutes still on the clock. Gladman kept possession for a couple of minutes but when he lost it, the final minutes were again spent in the Gladman area. To his frustration, however, Burns could not find the equaliser as somehow Gladman held out. Gladman had defended well but he was able to convert two of the few opportunities he had.

Burns only lost two league matches in the previous three seasons. It remains to be seen whether this defeat will be significant.


The league table can be viewed here.


The draw was made for this season’s Glasgow Cup

Group A

Spoors, Mathieson, Gladman, Bari, McPhail

Group B

Fleming, Burns, Houston, Berry, Halpin