Club night 15/1/18

It has been a slow start to 2018 with 4 players turning op on January 8 and then only 3 attending on January 15.

On the 8th two league matches were played. Dave Gladman defeated Barry Corr 1-0 whilst John Halpin edged out Baver Bari 2-1. Both were close matches and each could have gone either way.

On the 15th two matches from Group A of the Glasgow Cup were played. Tom Burns and Dave Gladman, finalists last season, both recorded their second win in the tournament, each time at the expense of Colin Berry. Burns took an early lead only for Berry to level the match a minute later. But barely had Burns kicked off when, much to Berry’s chagrin, Burns re-took the lead. It was well into the second half before Burns scored again and put the match beyond Berry. Berry had a closer encounter with Gladman. Also 3-1 down in the second half, Berry pulled it back to 3-2 with two and a half minutes remaining. From the kick-off Gladman was able to retain possession until the final whistle.


Gladman 1 0 Corr
Halpin 2 1 Bari


Glasgow Cup

Burns 3 1 Berry
Gladman 3 2 Berry



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