Club Night 10/10/16

With only five players attending only three games were played tonight. Barry Corr lifted himself up to third place in the league after a 5-0 demolition of Baver Bari. After Corr took the lead there was never any doubt about the outcome of this match as he dominated until the end. After two early victories Bari has now lost four matches in a row.

In his seven matches so far Dave Gladman has had six clean sheets. Only Baver Bari has scored against him and he did so three times. Tonight it was Gladman’s fourth 0-0 draw, this time against John Halpin. Gladman excells at denying his opponents the ball but he just can’t find the net. In those seven matches he has scored only four goals, two of them coming in the game against Bari. Halpin did have a fair amount of the ball tonight but the match was rather scrappy with neither player having many opportunities. In the later stages Gladman did push men forward seeking that all important goal. At a late corner he had seven players around the Halpin shooting area. The corner was wasted and possession lost but Halpin could not find the through ball which could have taken advantage of the sparse Gladman defence.

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The first Glasgow Cup match saw Baver Bari take on Tom Burns. In their previous encounter Bari had twice taken the lead but each time Burns had come back and then went on to score seven. Once again nine goals were scored but this time they were all for Burns who showed no mercy to his opponent. It was a lesson in finding the net not only for the hapless Bari but also the watching Dave Gladman.

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Corr 5 0 Bari
Gladman 0 0 Halpin


Glasgow Cup

Burns 9 0 Bari



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